I’m at the point in my research and confident enough to say I am the unofficial knowledge expert on the artists known as Marguerite Louis Blasingame and Frank Marvin Blasingame.

These two were nearly forgotten, and although my research has stirred up renewed interest, there is still a large amount of misinformation surrounding these two. Having compiled more than a thousand pages of notes and documents, I will help set the record straight in a book I am writing.

Marguerite and Frank came from notable bourgeois families in Hawaii and California. They fell in love while working in theater in the 1920s. They married under what appears to be discrete circumstances and together chose to say goodbye to their love of theater in pursuit of becoming visual artists. It is a love story.

I will provide many details on intriguing events including, and far from limited to, why Hawaii’s first frescoes were destroyed and the struggle to save them. Marguerite was lauded as a great sculptress, but what did her heart desire most in the visual arts spectrum, and what nickname did she loath? What happened to Frank after leaving the islands, and what influenced his highly unique suridealist paintings. What prompted his final move to an unfamiliar state on the other side of the country only to die shortly after arrival?

I will shed light on the elite artists and circles that influenced Marguerite and Frank Blasingame. Provide details on the art they collaborated on, and artworks they fought attribution over. I will also reveal long-lost Blasingame pieces never published. Finally, I will help provide a more apparent distinction between who executed which “Blasingame” works.

Ultimately I hope the book shines new light and interest on these two fascinating artists who are both due proper recognition.

Stay tuned…



2 responses to “ART OF THE BLASINGAME’S”

  1. Kelly Avatar

    Is this book complete?

    1. Brian L. Avatar

      Kelly, not yet. Important new information conintues to come to light. The hope is to publish next year.

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