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There is a 3-fold convergence of mercury contamination in Silicon Valley, at one time the world’s second largest producer of mercury.

One, Ein, Un, 一, один

Left overs from the extraction of mercury from cinnabar 

The New Almaden Mine was built in 1894 and operated until 1976. Here’s an informational video from 1955 talking about the mines in California, notice the workers are not wearing masks…

Here’s a kid showing you just how easy it is to convert cinnabar into mercury…

Two, Zwei, Deux, 二, двух

Mercury Run-off from Nevada gold mines

The Sierra Fund has lots of specific information, here’s a start. All that mercury extracted from cinnabar in Silicon Valley was trucked to the Sierra’s and the leftovers are still running back down the mountain today. Where’s does SV water come from? Here’s a scary quote for you.

” The presence of mercury, arsenic, and other mining toxins in the region has been established, and the potential health risks from exposure to each agent are understood to some degree. No evidence exists, however, showing what impact, if any, this exposure is having on humans in the region. This is due to the fact that there has been no research, no screening, and no studies to look into the extent of human impact from exposure to these materials.

Three, Drei, Trois, 三, три

Pollution from China coal power plants

Ponder the following quote from a study led by University of California, Berkeley, postdoctoral researcher Stephanie Ewing.

“…take note of the fact that 29% of the pollution in the San Francisco Bay Area comes from China”

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